Church near our house using loud ass speakers for their worship.

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Definitely file a noise complaint. Churches are not above the law.


Privately ask the head of the church and give them a chance to correct. If it doesn’t work, walk into their services one day and loudly and publicly ask them to turn down the volume because they’re disturbing the neighborhood. People who work nights need to sleep. If it still doesn’t work, call the cops.


2 things to check first…first noise ordinance, second zoning. If they are in violation of noise ordinance, and the church is built on residentially zoned land (which is usually necessary for a noise ordinance), the police department may actually be forced to do something. If you find the church is in violation, but law enforcement ia not willing to deal with it, or is friendly to the church, you can get a decent used PA and blast whatever you chose while the chuech is in service…if the police slap you with an ordinance violation and you can show this law is being applied unevenly, you can take it to court (the city, that is).


Get bigger speakers and blare Slayer during service?


You will have to look up local ordinances every place is diffrent