Disney donated $190K to Republicans in Florida while they were working on Don’t Say Gay law – Republicans who have been railing against Disney this month were happy to take Disney’s checks earlier this year.

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And they will still be happy to take their money. Just like Disney is gonna be happy to give it to them. When you are paying off politicians you pay off BOTH sides to get what you want. I wonder who has the most money to get politicians to write favorable laws, the ultra wealthy or Joe Schmoe(although it there is an actual Joe Schmoe I hope he is cashing in on his name)


What a backwards law. Republicans really do seem terrified of absolutely everything


Disney needs to stop donating to Republican politicians for at least 2 years to make them pay for the grooming BS. They won’t, but they almost need to if they want to avoid further madness.


Basically they were all for being racist and exploiting the poor until the Disney heir came out as transgender. Disney ascribes to the very Republican philosophy of “it’s not a problem, until it affects me” mentality. Fuck em’


Makes it easy for me to conclude: a.) The greediest corporation in America is ‘gay’ only for money. b.) Republicans have zero redeeming qualities. You already knew both of these truths. This is the proverbial proof in the pudding.