DOJ charges 3 Russians with running ‘foreign influence and disinformation network’ in U.S.

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“Recruiting at least one US citizen to do their bidding” ​ That doesn’t sound ominous as fuck or anything.


But if they arrest all of the Russian disinformation network where will the right wing get their news?


Rupert Murdoch please?


FINALLY! We get some official acknowledgment of what has been going on in this country, foreign influence-wise! More please! Now do the GQP politicians!


> at least one American citizen to do their bidding in unofficial capacities I can’t help wondering if any of those capacities might be related to online “peer marketing,” or any of the other terms certain groups use on Reddit and other internet forums to express various kinds of pro-invasion, some well-written and cleverly constructed, others intentionally less so, and some nothing but trolls. Reddit in particular offers the opportunity to “vote” against the more knowledgeable people who make factual, thoroughly researched informational posts, when sufficient personnel are available, even act as “brigades” to vote against something in hopes of discouraging the poster.