FFRF denounces Kentucky abortion ban

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Republicans will always be able to get an abortion for their mistresses and daughters


They need to denounce the Florida ban, too.


Can they denounce the senators who won’t let us have sports gambling and medical marijuana because of their religion? They admitted to it so it’s fair game.


Don’t they know this will only affect low socioeconomic people? The rich can fly to a different state to get an abortion done. This will further the economic gap. It’s not their choice to make anyway!


Can I just say, should someome just pull a Dukkakis on DeSantis and ask him if his wife was raped and was impregnated, would she seek an abortion and, if so, what would happen if the perpertrator fought for his innocence until week 16 preventing her from asserting sole parental rights, would he change the law allowing exemptions in rape and incest as a result? I can appreciate some progressives and liberals being caring and such but you sometimes just need to hit below the belt and if Dukkakis got hammeres overnight for it, I’m sure DeSantis would get amazing treatment for however he responds to the question.