For the first time, wind power eclipsed both coal and nuclear power in the U.S. : NPR

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Because the government keeps decommissioning all the nuclear plants despite it being the safest energy per kilowatt


My understanding is that nuclear is really hard to scale and is probably one of the last clean energy forms we adopt on a large scale??


About damn time. 😃 # 🌬️ 💨 💡


The actual article is a kind of a bummer, weirdly.


This story is much bigger than it seems. Renewables are truly revolutionary because they threaten to unwind the international oil trade and the global oil trade underies the market for US dollar denominated Treasuries. Treasuries, in turn, are the basis for the strength of the dollar in the face of unlimited expansion of the money supply. Oil is the basis of the post-WWII US economy and in many ways the Second World War was a war fought over oil resources because without oil, tanks don’t run, planes don’t fly, ships are useless and you can’t even manufacture explosives. After WWII, the US quickly made a deal with the Saudis to create the post-world petro dollar world order. Photovoltaic solar was already understood and could have been widely manufactured in the 1960s but it was not welcomed and labeled as a hippy pipe dream that would perpetually be too expensive to be practical for anything but NASA funded space exploration. This is because it was contrary to oil interests which were basically synonyms for the American industrial oligarchy but also the sanctity of the US dollar itself. This is why the Democrats have been so duplicitous on this issue. The Democrats love to talk about being in favor of renewables but then they slap tariffs on solar. Obama’s solar tariffs in 2012 cost thousands of jobs immediately but he nonetheless turned to the cameras, smiled, and said that he was putting tariffs on solar to “save American jobs” and that the Chinese were “cheating” by offering cheap solar. Trump, of course, was happy to do the same thing but the sad thing was that Biden also doubled down on this policy and his Commerce Department is currently cooking up yet another round to keep solar out of the US market while he speaks out of the side of his mouth about his commitment to a clean, green future. But the point here is not simply to paint Biden as a hypocrite. The real situation is that he has no choice. The American electorate doesn’t want to hear it but the truth is that the US dollar is dependent upon oil. Without global dependence on oil, the US will lose its physical basis for enforcing the dollar’s reserve currency status. This means that Democrats have no choice but to play the two-faced hypocrites. They don’t see any choice and of course they would prefer if this was not waved in their faces since they sincerely believe there is nothing they can do about this except to say –later. You can have that later but not right now. This game in which we are told we can have that later but not now is coming to and end despite the poltiical figureheads who base their careers on buying time. We see what happend to Germany when Merkel played this game for decades, it eventually precipitated in a crisis. But the game can only be played for so long because the truth is that renewables are taking over anyway and this is why the news about solar and wind eclipsing coal and nuclear is so profound. The transition is happening well before the leadership is ready for it. We can see the results right in front of our faces. The Biden Commerce Department is readying a new round of tariffs this very moment. The incumbents are clearly running scared.