Fraud Fighters: Hackers expose illegal call centres and phone scams (2022) [00:42:31]

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Good doc, and great to see due credit to JB. He deserves his weight in gold.


Jim is a legend (big fan of his channel), always nice to see him get more recognition and see more of a spotlight on these scams. These days it’s rare if i can go a few days without a scam call to the landline, one day it’s Microsoft, next it’s loft insulation, then it’s HMRC, and so on, there’s a different scam and different scumbag every week, some days it’s 2, 3, 5+ calls. Rudeness doesn’t help, your number is just one in a long list of numbers in an auto dialer, they’ll come back around and try again, maybe a different caller, on a different number (spoofed to look local or at least in the same country), with a different scam, but they’ll always come back around. CBC is a bit behind the times with this piece, JB, KitBoga (and many others) have been battling againt these some scumbags for quite some time now, but it’s nice to see them covering it (albeit cheesily) nonetheless.


Wait… I think the real story is ~18:05 mark… I need to know more about her tinder dates… that was the most honest and very very personal analogies I have ever heard.


Why do they always depict hackers dressed like ninjas??!


Hhhhhwell then take matters into your own hands since police bluntly say they’re not going to. Actually, it would make sense to share the personal information of multiple RCMP officers and leadership on the dark web so those that take these stupid decisions have to face the consequences.