French election: Le Pen angered by protest over ties to Putin

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From the article: > She went on to say that if she became president there could be a referendum on bringing back the death penalty. EU has abolished death penalty and getting rid of it is a prerequisite for joining EU. Don’t know how the matter is handled if one member decides to bring it back.


>”What people should be outraged about is that we can’t hold a second-round campaign without press conferences being disrupted, without us being attacked, without us being threatened,” Ms Le Pen complained. A woman silently held up a heart shaped picture of Le Pen and Putin shaking hands. >”being attacked … being threatened” Why are authoritarian assholes always such small, scared, cowardly pieces of shit?


> She met Vladimir Putin ahead of her last presidential campaign in 2017, received Russian loans for her party and supported his illegal annexation of Crimea. She supported the invasion of Crimea. Call it what it was. It was more than ‘annexation.’ She takes Putin’s money. And yet she is in a runoff and could win. The US isn’t the only country with problems. I remember how many foreign Redditers laughed about Trump, thought it was hilarious. Take a look in the mirror. And don’t vote for this crooked, simpleton-autocrat.


She’s our Trump. Despicable.


BS. She loves the media attention. Trump proved that being in the media helps, even if the stories are about you doing despicable things.