Goldman Advisors Say “No Deal” to Musk’s Twitter Bid

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Well the market is currently saying it won’t happen. What are the odds that in a few days he pulls out having already sold his shares and making a nice 20-30% return in a few weeks.


Goldman advisors say $54.20 is too low but at the same time have a price target of $30 for twitter. Interesting


I want to buy puts on TWTR but know that Musk will double down if I do–literally, it’s a “screw you in particular”


From the article: The most confounding take came from Goldman Sachs, whose strategists were hired to advise Twitter’s board in regard to Musk’s offer. They said $54.20 was too low to be taken seriously, yet Goldman currently has a SELL rating on TWTR with a price target of just $30 per share. And, ironically, the stock may very well fall to $30 per share if Musk’s bid is rejected. He said that in the event that the board refuses his offer, he may sell the entirety of his 9.2% stake in the company.


Funny since Goldman has it listed as a sell for like 33$