I was told I have no conscience?

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If they are telling you this, they are not your friends. Find better people.


Generous use of the word “friends.”


Tell them to fuck off and you’ll get better friends


Ask them what you’ve done that makes them think you have no conscience. Then remind them their god is guilty of global genocide and supports rape and slavery.


what specific evidence do they use to ‘prove’ that THEY have a ‘conscience’? why is that same exact evidence not applicable to you? If they think morality stems from a belief in their fairy tale ‘god’ then why didn’t that supposedly ‘omnipotent/omniscient/benevolent/”source for morality” create “perfect morality” from the beginning? The truth is that morality is an evolutionary process; we know this because we can see morality improving over time as we evolve and recognize the problems with our previous moral standards/behavior. The bible very specifically endorses slavery, even in the “new testament” Jesus is said to have told servants to obey their masters; Throughout recorded history slavery was ‘legal’ and widely practiced and considered (by those in a position of power) to be a “moral” practice. However modern societies now mostly recognize slavery as immoral despite the bibles unambiguous declaration that it is allowed. the bible demands the death penalty for anyone that dares to work on ‘the sabbath’ – Numbers 15:32-36 specifically talks about the case of a man that was discovered “picking up sticks on the Sabbath”. – in Verse 35: The Abrahamic god tells Moses that the man “must surely be put to death”. Today I don’t know many Christians that would consider it “moral” to murder someone for doing yard work on the wrong day of the week; in Numbers 31 god clearly demands the execution of all of the (now captured and disarmed) Midian males (including the male children) and all of the women that weren’t virgins. The “lucky” virgins are to be given to the victorious Israeli’s as war booty. – Now; I hope most people today recognize the immorality of genocide and sex slavery but apparently at some point in history this must have seemed like a good idea to someone because this outrageous war crime appears to be an attempt by the authors to show the ‘glory of god’. 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 says that women should not be permitted to speak in church. 1 Timothy 2:11-14 echos this misogynistic demand and clearly links it to “Eve’s” horrible sin of eating the wrong piece of fruit. There are some churches that still forbid females from being priests or taking leadership positions. They are the immoral ones with their heads still stuck in the bronze age. the “old testament” god is rather famously described as an ‘angry’ god, a ‘vengeful’ god; one that floods entire planets and destroys cities and turns terrified women into pillars of salt for the horrible crime of ‘looking backwards’ as she runs in terror from the massive explosions behind her. Lots of Christians try to pretend that this god ‘doesn’t count’ because that’s ‘the old testament’ but… uhm… it’s the same guy, the one they say is perfect, omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent and some even say ‘unchanging’. however even if we give him this grand chance to push Hillary’s “reset button” we still have the rather curious problem of morality improving over time; it was clearly not ‘perfect’ before; how could that be the case if we have ‘absolute morality’ defined by a ‘perfect omniscient, benevolent god’? The “Ten Commandments” (Which many theists seem to point to as the ultimate source for morality) has 4 entire commandments to make sure that you “properly worship” their “god” but somehow it’s author couldn’t find room to prohibit slavery, animal sacrifice, rape or catholic priests molesting choir boys; and while it does contain some good moral rules none of them were new or unique at the time they were written. – There are prohibitions against murder in the “Code of Hammurabi” (dating back to at least 900 years before the earliest books of the bible) and the entire ten commandments looks nearly entirely plagiarized from the “42 negative confessions” from the Egyptian “Book of the Dead” which also clearly predates the alleged time of the “exodus” by at least 600 years. not one single moral standard ‘defined’ by the ten commandments was new… The evidence clearly favors the position that morality is an evolutionary process; It seems incredibly obvious that it didn’t come from any of the abrahamic religions.