Japan’s lower house OKs bills to strip Russia of favored trade status

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>For example, the tariff on salmon imports will rise from the current 3.5 percent to 5 percent, while that on crabs will be lifted to 6 percent from 4 percent. Crude oil and liquefied natural gas will not be affected as they were not tariffed even before the favorable treatment. ​ Only like that??


As for seafood imports, many point out that an embargo should be imposed. However, there is also strong concern that seafood processing and food service industries (some of which are already suffering from impacts of COVID19) that handle imports will be severely damaged. In addition, Japan-Russia seafood-related ties are not limited to imports; there are other issues that require negotiation, such as fishing rights for salmon and trout. The government seems to be worried that these issues could go into a terrible mess. As for coal, the government recently announced its policy to embargo Russian coal in the future, and industries that need it are rushing to switch import sources. However, domestic energy situation is far from stable these days, and since coal is also used by cement manufacturers etc, the government has not been able to immediately move to stricter measures. That said, Japanese sentiment toward current Russian government has worsened for other reasons in addition to the events in Ukraine. One week ago, a Russian politician (Sergey Mironov) claimed Russian rights over Hokkaido, and today Russian Navy conducted a missile test in Sea of Japan. As the situation worsens, public opinion may call for even harsher sanctions.


I wonder how many decades and diplomatic efforts will take Russia to pay for all the crimes they commit against Ukrainian people even now, and be considered a trusty economic partner again. These sanctions will probably stay in place for generations to come.


Shoulda left Kargil alone


Total embargo. Greedy corporations are already finding ways around sanctions.