Judge finds Tesla liable to Black former worker who alleged bias, but slashes payout

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I love how reddit doesn’t read the article and immediately assumes Elon Musk showed up and started dropping the n-word.


Why is “black” capitalised? Is that a new thing?


It’s amazing how some people are labeled as greedy with the top 1% getting richer. Greed is being able to influence other greedy people (politicians) to make bills that says a company has a vote in order to deter policy. All to make more money. Who cares if some random person wins a lawsuit. These guys screw everyone all the time and yet have defenders on comment sections not even on the payroll. Lol


$15,000,000 and they’re still going to appeal because the amount “does not come close to reflecting the harm caused to Mr. Diaz, or the reprehensibility of Tesla’s conduct”? That’s some serious greed. The appeal shines a bad light on the plaintiff and his motives IMO. I hope it gets denied.


The comments here are unsurprising in their attempt minimize the harm of racism and simultaneously discredit victims of racial terrorism by outright lying about the facts of a case they know nothing about. Companies should be accountable for the environment they create and tolerate. When something rises to the level of requiring litigation by a victim the penalty for the company should be reparative to the victim and serve as deterrent for that company making that mistake again. Tesla is not going to change anything for a 15 million dollar judgment. Over $100 million and racist employees become more trouble than they are worth and thats the point.