Judge slams Trump as ‘charlatan’ after jury finds Jan. 6 rioter guilty on all counts

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Charlatan? There’s no need to mince words, the man is a *knave*.


>Because unfortunately, we have charlatans like our former president, who doesn’t in my view really care about democracy, but only about power. And as a result of that, it’s tearing this country apart. Try explaining it to one of his followers and they’ll blame Obama and Biden for tearing the country apart without providing a single reason or example.


>”I just don’t think you can do what he did and what the other folks did if you’re convicted and expect to be free,” Walton said. “It’s a consequence — as my mother once told me, ‘you make your bed you gotta lie in it.'” Why it has taken almost a year and a half for someone in the justice system to say this is beyond me.


I love it when people blame “Obama appointed judges”’for decisions like this, because by their own logic they have to believe that Trump is 100% full of shit after losing every court battle presided over by one of his own judges.


>American citizens who were so gullible that they were willing to accept what was being said without any proof that the allegations about the election had any merit whatsoever I don’t feel they were gullible, or stupid, or naive They simply wanted their way and felt that they were protected to act the way they did..they had the privilege to act the way they did because at no previous time in US history would they have been held accountable.