Legal Weed Sales in New Jersey to Begin April 21

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should have made it 4/19


I’m originally from Jersey, and one of my best friends in high school was sent to Juvenile prison for 4 years for “possession with intent to sell” when he was found with $80 of weed (in 1985). He was pulled over on his way to a beach house that had 10 of us there for the weekend — who had all contributed to the purchase. His life was ruined and he has since been in and out of the prison system for the past 30 years. And now it’s legal. What a goddamn fucking waste.


Congratulations NJ and every city in PA that borders NJ, the long wait is finally over!


When are we going to just legalize the shit federally so we can stop this nonsense? Weed is everywhere. Just let it go Uncle Sam.


You’d think they could have scheduled that for a day earlier…