Liz Cheney disputes report January 6 panel split over Trump criminal referral

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“Cheney pointed to a guilty plea this week by a member of the far-right Proud Boys group, Charles Donohoe, to conspiring to attack the Capitol in a bid to stop Congress certifying Joe Biden’s victory. Such planning for events in Washington on 6 January, in part broadcast by Trump, was she said “the definition of an insurrection” and “absolutely chilling”. “Proud boys stand back, stand by” – donald trump, 2020


If Trump goes down (I know big if) then McConnell and McCarthy should be stripped of their leadership positions in congress forever and never allowed to lead even a committee in the future.


As the article says, criminal referrals arent acted on that often. And what is the point of referrals given that the DOJ already has a grand jury looking at: 1. Organizers of multiple Stop The Steal rallies 2. Financiers of the rallies 3. Legislative Branch 4. Executive Branch


Hopefully this is true, it would be nice if they’d go where the evidence takes them regardless of the politics surrounding it. Investigating politicians will always be political. An evidence-based process ensures they are not above the law.


Here’s what I wrestle with. I think if Garland were actually going after Trump in a bigly way, with the genuine intention of taking him down, the first we’d know about it is when pictures of Trump being arrested hit the news feeds along with a statement from the DOJ. Every investigation we’ve known about has either been slow-walked, perhaps to see if anyone else was going to move, been a complete bust, been toothless, or been part of the cover-up. I think if Trump were actually going to go down for the litany of laws he’s broken, it wouldn’t come from one of these semi-public investigations. It’ll come from the investigation that’s been handled so professionally and secretively, that we won’t know about it until arrests are made.