LPT: Don’t forget that labor unions still exist in the U.S. (and elsewhere, but I’m in the U.S.)

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This is a real LPT. United we bargain, divided we beg.


Yea the benefits are insane. I can elaborate on electrical union, specifically IBEW 357. You start at 35% of the journeyman wage which is $53.83 and every 6 months get a 5% wage. After the 6 year apprenticeship you have the full wage of $53.83, foreman makes 10% more and general foreman makes 20% more. There’s about a $2.75 raise for the next 3 years per the agreement til 2025 and it gets renegotiated. Overtime gets nice. Double time on weekends and holidays. Time and a half for first 4 hours then double time. There’s shift differentials too that could net you 30% on graveyard. You have two pension starting your 3rd year, need a minimum credit to withdraw. If you start early enough you can retire in your 50s with the pension. Healthcare premiums are 100% covered for you and your ***entire*** immediate family. My deductible was $500 per person or $1000 for family and it’s quit extensive. 100% free clinic visit and we have three clinics in the valley. You get a set of tools from the company. If you’re a foreman you get a truck, gas card and cellphone. Only thing you need to buy are work boots essentially. Only downside is no vacation time and if you don’t have work you may be sitting home for a while. During that time you can collect unemployment but 600 a week is nowhere near 2k.


100% unions rock!!! If you don’t have one, fight for one! I pay $70/month for my union dues. What does that get me? It makes it almost impossible for them to fire me as long as I do my job. I can still be fired if I don’t do my job or fuck up royally but I can’t be fired for little things like being a few mins late once in a while or being on my phone occasionally. I get a paid lunch and paid breaks and access to PT room during last hour of work, paid to exercise 1hr a day. I get yearly raises, plus inflationary raises. I don’t have to do any extra work for these raises. The union does it yearly. I make 106k/yr. And I get a pension when I retire. 40% of my salary.


As a Union Laborer for 20+ years, it’s not all work your ass off. Some days suck more than others , but sometimes you work outside. Fuckin’ A.