LPT: If someone doesn’t appreciate something you do for them, it probably means that it isn’t that important to them. Rather than stew about it or demand recognition, just add it to the list of things you don’t need to do anymore.

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Real LifeProTip – Do things things simply because you want to, instead of expecting recognition.


“Love languages” are a real thing and we all have our own ideas about what gestures communicate love and what gestures do not. In any relationship it is important to learn what your partner’s love languages are so that you know when they are trying to communicate love to you and what you can do to communicate love in a way that’s most meaningful for them. Often these are not the same and people don’t always realize that.


I make my girlfriend coffee and breakfast every morning. I don’t expect any recognition for it. I do it because I love her. I’m fully aware she doesn’t mind making it herself, but it makes me happy doing little, irrelevant things like that for her.


I realized that I enjoy cooking for people I love. I no longer cook for someone just because. I have to want to as it’s a labour of love.