LPT: If you often lose your temper, people will lie to you to prevent an outburst. If you want people to trust you, even with “bad news”, learn to control your temper and manage your anger.

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Soo many ppl need to read this lol


So much this. My relationships with everyone improved a ton after I decided to do what I term under-reacting. I feel like I’m a more boring much less interesting guy to have around but life is so much more tranquil. It feels as though people are more candid with me because they know that its possible to have a reasonable discussion with me on any topic. I grew up in a household where everybody was angry all the time and it took a long time for me realise that this is not normal.


“If you struggle to control your temper, just learn how to control your temper!” Without offering any ways to help people manage their outbursts, this isn’t really a tip


Many and I think most who lose their tempers a lot are lost causes. When a 70 plus or a 90 plus age person cranks up their temper that tells me they are just being their younger selves but less able to contain it from some others seeing it. They must prove they have a bad mind before I believe it’s the cause.