LPT: If you want to adopt a cat, consider adopting siblings. They are guaranteed to get along, you will get countless hours of watching them play together and cuddle and you will feel less guilty for leaving them alone when you go to work or on vacation.

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am i the only one that read it and thought the OP is advising to adopt humans


*usually get along, not “guaranteed”


Two cats is actually easier than one cat. Litter cleaning’s similar cuz you’re doing it anyway, same with feeding, vet bills are doubled but that’s really the only downside. If you aclimate them correctly they’ll play and occupy each other so you don’t have to be the sole source of stimulation, and if you’re lucky they’ll cuddle and it’s very cute.


Definitely not guaranteed to get along. The only two cats I’ve known that “hate” each other, as in can’t stand to be in the same room together without physically fighting, were sisters.