LPT Those viral posts asking things like “Your stripper name is your first pet and your mother’s maiden name” are amazingly effective ways to reveal answers to common security questions you may be using elsewhere.

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I met an old lady once and she said that her memory had gotten so bad that she doesn’t know the answer to security questions anymore so she changed the answers to all be a word. She used the word Orange as an example. She said “mother’s maiden name? Orange. First car? Orange. Oldest sibling’s name? Orange. you’re not gonna guess it because it has nothing to do with the actual question. “ I thought that was brilliant.


If all the numbers on your credit card were how much money you had, how much money would you have?


All of social media is just a big data phishing aggregator operation to steal your money buy making you think you want their shitty products. Ditch all your socials, it’s all a con job being used against you.


I don’t name the animals i have and i don’t know my mothers maiden name.