Mars helicopter Ingenuity aces record-breaking 25th flight

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Hmm. Isn’t every flight a record-breaking flight?


Didn’t they only design this thing to fly like five times? Edit: Yeah I get it, I worded this poorly. I understand they didn’t design it to fly no more than five times. What I really meant to ask was more along the lines of “didn’t they only expect it to make five flights?”


It’s coming up on it’s one year anniversary of the first flight on the 19th! It currently has 25 flights under its belt!


Yawn, just another flight by a drone that was launched from another planet that was specifically designed for that planet by geniuses on earth while doing everything remotely from a planet away. I love seeing this so much. Call me old fashioned, but I still watch every launch and landing that I can. Hans can be so cool.


Amazing how a machine designed only to prove controlled flight is possible on Mars has become a fully operational aerial scout for the Perseverance mission.