Microfossils may be evidence life began ‘very quickly’ (only 300M years) after Earth formed | “If life is relatively quick to emerge, given the right conditions, this increases the chance that life exists on other planets”

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Very hard to distinguish between biological activity and non-biological processes, but if it is the case that life started this quickly we really should expect to find it somewhere else in our solar system and beyond. The question of intelligent life remains very much open.


I think life is probably something that just happens on every single planet that has liquid on it’s surface for 250,000 years straight, and then is constantly being extinguished by extinction events from space. Most planets are just a constant back and forth between life spawning and true extinction events where that life spawn is finished. The question isn’t really “is life out there”, it’s “how long has this specific life spawn been uninterrupted for?” Earth is up to around 37% of the history of the universe uninterrupted, that may make us special, may not.


these bits of life may have been imported from comets, packed in ice for who knows how long


If life emerges easily but we don’t observe any expensive galactic civilizations then there’s something that prevents life from reaching the point of traveling to the stars. Something that might be about to happen to us.


What about the narrative where some are believing that in order for intelligent life (us) to exist and think about this, life *had* to start this early to have enough time to evolve? Like selection bias or I forgot what it was called?