Mitch McConnell Knew the Depths of Trump’s Plot to Steal the Election Weeks Before January 6

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Trump may be a terrible human being, but McConnell is the most guilty in the downfall of American democracy.


Which is why it’s not just Trump but hundreds of Republicans in Congress who must all go to prison if Garland wants to prove he’s above politics.


So, pretty much everyone knew, and did nothing…then voted against impeachment, or removing him. They’re all fucking traitors. All of them. Treason and fascism…and, they get to keep their jobs taking the country apart one brick at a time, until they win, because justice has a price. We’re done, as a country. These fuckers have to go. They’re traitors to the Republic.


I’m no lawyer but wouldn’t this be considered a RICO case?


Dont you just love how we need irrefutable proof to investigate the crimes of the rich, but suspicion to arrest and investigate the crimes of the poor. If you pick up a friend who had just robbed a bank, you’re going to jail whether you knew they had robbed a bank or not. If a politician schemes to steal an election, we need to know “what they knew and when”.