My car got hit by a company truck, they don’t want to go through insurance.

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“I didn’t want to get insurance involved either, but your driver hit my car.”


tl;dr – I will always go through insurance. ​ I tried giving someone the benefit of the doubt once when they hit my wife’s car and asked to handle it outside of insurance. I got three quotes for the damage and sent all three to that person. All quotes were within $200 of each other, around $2,500 total. ​ They claimed we were “trying to get one over on them” because they worked at a body shop in high school (the guy was mid-50s) and it was $1,000 damage at most. He demanded we take the car to a shop by him (the car was barely drivable and he lived an hour away in a significantly lower cost of living area) so “his guy” could give a real estimate. ​ At this point I cut off contact and went through insurance. Turns out the damage was more extensive than the shop originally could tell, and the resulting bill ended up being in the $5,000 range (that’s after the insurance rate discounts). I can’t imagine the headache I would have had to deal with if I continued trying to deal with the individual after the bill ended up more than doubling. ​ Save yourself the hassle, go through insurance and let them deal with it.


You almost *always* want insurance involved. Edit: The advice I’ve seen around here usually says that your insurance will deal with their insurance and handle most – if not all – of the bigger headaches of making sure things are taken care of.


I would. I think that’s an indication that they have had too many accidents, and they don’t want their premium to rise…again. Also their insurance will cover a rental car while yours is getting fixed. And they will have the body shop use aftermarket parts, which you definitely don’t want.


An Amazon driver once knocked over our mailbox and the guy offered to pay us for the damages himself, even going so far as to arranging for a repairman to put in a new post himself. He obviously didn’t want to jeopardize his job and we allowed him to cover it. Fortunately he came through and it was all good in the end In your scenario though, repairs are probably a much higher cost so I’m not sure this is the same route you’d want to go