My credit score is 801. Is 8% a fair APR for a loan?

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with an 800+ credit score do not use a personal loan. Use an offer for 0% interest for 12-18 months on an existing credit card. Either pay it off or when the interest free time period is up transfer the balance to another 0% interest offer. You should not pay any interest for years.


For the large, physical banks yeah that is pretty normal. US Bank, for example, has personal loan rates right now “as low as 6.99%” so it’s probably best to look at an interest free 18 month credit card or similar.


Since the loan value isnt that large, an 8% seems about right… although high for what youre getting, rather normal in my opinion. Pay it off quicker if you can, typically no penalties!


For an unsecured personal loan that is a fair rate. However you may be able to get a better rate through some promotional offers on credit cards but they’re usually time limited to something like 12 or 18 months.


If you can pay the loan back in under a year explore 0% interest credit card options.