My ex’s credit keeps haunting me

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I’m confused how his credit is still tied to your credit. Do you still have joint credit card accounts, shared property, etc? I’m divorced and my credit is not tied to his at all. I think.


You can freeze your credit with all the major credit bureaus to prevent any new lines of credit or bank accounts being opened in your name. You didn’t magically appear on a random bank account. Either there is still an account shared between you or he’s adding you to ensure you keep in touch. That’s a narcissist 101 trick for keeping an ex in contact. Freezing your credit means you will have to lift it when you go to open new accounts but it also means he can’t open up anything with your name, period.


100% freeze your credit. This way, no one can pull your credit without you manually authorizing it. It’s really simple. Dispute every single enquiry as well. These dings are potentially hurting your score.


What do you mean by pinged? Like your credit gets checked? Or there’s an update on your credit? Or like you get a piece of mail?


You can contact the credit bureaus to tell them you’re no longer an authorized user for him