“My husband just wants to have sex all the time”

Vented the recently married woman to her sister, “it’s every day like clockwork he gets home from work, takes off his clothes at the doorstep and says “I’m home honey let’s hit the sack”. Don’t get my wrong I love him and the sex is good but I need a break I can barely walk”” Then the sister says “oh my well what you can do is say is that you have your period and that way he’ll at least leave you alone for a few days to give you a break” The wife then says: “that’s a good idea, I’ll try that” That evening the husband arrives and quickly starts undressing like usual, then the wife tell him “oh hi honey, I know you are in the mood but here is the thing, I Just got my period today” The husband then after a long pause of silence goes to the kitchen and brings two glasses of champagne, puts some easy listening music. The wife then says: “oh how romantic and thoughtful babe, but what are we celebrating? Husband then smirks and says: “It’s Backdoor week honey”

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*Backdoor week makes your backdoor weak.


Q: Why is Johnson’s baby shampoo the best Lubricant for anal sex? A: No more tears.


When the river runs red, play in the mud instead.


I guess she’d have to do this… periodically


She’s never had her period before this? Why is he bringing out champagne? The engine of this joke is that she’s in PAIN, and for whatever reason she can’t simply say “yeah, i’m hurtin dog, that’s enough dick for me”? What fucking boomer wrote this shit?