New Covid nasal spray outperforms current antibody treatments in mice

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>The new antiviral solves all these problems. As opposed to monoclonal antibodies, which are made by cloning and culturing living mammalian cells, the new antiviral treatment is produced large-scale in microorganisms like E. coli, making them more cost-effective to manufacture. Not only is the new therapy stable in high heat, which could further streamline manufacturing and decrease the cost of goods for clinical development, it also holds promise for being self-administered as a one-time nasal spray, bypassing the need for medical professionals. ​ >The researchers imagine that it could be available at the pharmacy and used as a preventative measure to treat infections. This could be huge. If you test positive, just pick up a nasal spray off the shelf from CVS and you’re good. This assumes that it’s as effective and safe as the researchers claim.


I just want to watch mice use nasal spray


Would I need to constantly apply the spray to maintain defense against the virus?


Please be one of those studies that transfers over to humans well. We shouldn’t get our hopes up, though.


Cue the snide remarks from the non scientists in 3 … 2 …