No archeological evidence to support Exodus

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Yea, this isn’t a new thing except for maybe recently deconverted. But when explaining it, I tell them that roughly 2 million men, women, children, young/pold, fit/disabled, healthy/sick just up and left a city one day, roamed around long enough for all those people to die off, only then to enter the promised land. That would be like everyone in Austin, Texas suddenly leave, basically taking only what they could carry, wandering around middle America for 40 yrs and leaving no trace of their existence at the end of it. Never mind the logistics of that, like food/water which the bible cops out and says it literally rained food on them every day, it simply did not happen.


Since when do facts get in the way of religious beliefs? If an old book written by unknown people says it’s true, we’ll then there you have it.


The Biblical Exodus never happened, some kind of Exodus might have but it could have only been a couple thousand maybe 20k max. But we have no evidence of one that size either.


But Bonded By Blood is such a good album


So are Israelis going to apologize and give stolen land back Palestinians?