Picked my son up from school just now, a lady was walking her daughter to school, she kept telling her daughter to repeat “thank you Jesus” “thank you Jesus for today”. I was shocked.

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Ya gotta drive that indoctrination in before they ever have a chance to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills, OP. It’s like you’ve never psychologically abused a child before ,smh.


Imagine you die on the cross for weirdos like that…


Religious indoctrination is one of the worst forms of child abuse. It hijacks a child’s developing sense of reason resulting in adults who are incapable of thinking critically. These mentally stunted individual’s ability to function and contribute to society are greatly reduced, and their life prospects are limited. Plus, they become part of the next generation of inhuman monsters who believe it’s their job to impose their beliefs on others, and hurt people who don’t fit into their indoctrinated world view.


Indoctrination since birth is a helluva drug.


I call them groomers