Potential clients appear cautious about psilocybin-assisted psychotherapy for depression, according to new research

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Yeah, I don’t just chow down on mushrooms either. I always get butterflies before I eat a dose because I already know it’s not going to be super easy. I like to compare it to a strenuous hike up a mountain summit and back down. Afterward I’m always exhausted.


Super cool that we’ve championed an anti drug campaign for so long that people are scared of medicine


I’d be cautious too, not because I’m afraid of the drug, but because I’d be nervous about the experience the same way I get nervous going up the hill of a rollercoaster.


So, people with no knowledge about a drug (other than learned “This is your brain on drugs” views), while the use for treatment is still in research and discussion and without long term proof, are sceptical?


My anxiety did the same to me before my first mushroom trip. “Well what if…” yeah brain, just shut it. We’re gonna be fine.