Review: I tried Playbook so you don’t have to

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So you’re saying the mods could put the pf wiki behind a $15 paywall and make bank? Given some of the questions that frequent this sub, there definitely is a subset of the market that needs this degree of hand holding but, yikes, $20 a month for one-time advice seems crazy.


> Max out your company’s 401K match > Have a couple months of cash emergency savings > Max out Roth IRA > Put more in 401K > other goals you have (house, car, vacation) > taxable brokerage account. So… basically follow the PF Wiki, Prime Directive, Flow Chart.


Seems like it might have forgotten a key point in building wealth: Avoid unnecessary subscriptions and monthly fees.


Thank you for sharing this! I was thinking about Playbook myself because I was concerned that I was somehow missing out on some great tax strategy ideas. I appreciate you posting this review. You’re doing the Lord’s work, friend.


I’d like to add that the owner/founder tried to leave a comment but the account was made today so I think it’s not showing up. So if you’ve got a question, ask away, they’re listening.