Russia moves ships to safer location after Ukraine missile attack

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They fled, you mean. So, let me get this straight… Your ship mysteriously caught fire and blew up (and is still burning). It *wasn’t* a Ukrainian missile, yet your fleet is now moving out of missile range… Ok. Got it. Edit: Looks like they got the fire out. 🙂


why are they moving their ships at all if it was just an accidental ammo explosion….


What’s even better is that they’re afraid of Ukrainian developed weapons. Was reading today that the Neptunes are home tech. Ukraine will never not be a threat to Russia ever again and it’s Russia’s fault for just not leaving them the fuck alone.


“If Ukraine can challenge the Black Sea Fleet (and it appears they can) then taking back Crimea is very much in the cards. Total victory possible,” security expert Paul Massaro wrote on Twitter. Oh baby, could you imagine that? What would Putzn do then?


Ukraine’s anti ship missile is pretty sweet. They basically took a Russian missile system, said, “This is crap” and made a dramatically better version