Russia says Ukraine helicopters strike homes in cross-border attack

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“”On April 14, 2022, using two combat helicopters equipped with heavy offensive weapons, military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine illegally entered the airspace of the Russian Federation,” Russia’s investigative committed said in a statement.” Ummm,… just wow. When Russia illegally entered Ukraine to restart hostilities in February after the illegal expansion and annexation in 2014.


Did anyone tell Russia they’re at war?


A) I don’t believe you B) Good. You started it. Ukraine is completely justified in attacking as deep as they want in your territory. If they manage to push back your invasion to the pre-war border I am of the opinion they are completely justified in continuing to push as far into your terroritory as they want and claiming it as their own in reparations for the needless death and destruction you have caused. Russia, don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing.


Yesterday we had: “Moscow threatens to strike Kyiv command ‘centres’ if Ukraine keeps attacking Russia – Insider Paper” Let’s see if they actually do something about it.


Lies, we all know those attacks are committed by the freedom fighters of Belgorod People’s Republic.