Russia warns of nuclear deployment if Sweden and Finland join NATO

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So is this different somehow than the current nuclear deployment around Kaliningrad. It’s not a secret that there’s nukes housed there. The Russian warnings seem to only reinforce the need to join NATO in Sweden and Finland. Look at what could happen to any non-NATO country that’s near Russia.


Russia: If you do this we will attack. Also, we reserve the right to attack you anytime anyways.


I don’t get it, Sweden and Finland are sovereign nations. What say does Russia have in the matter?


Russia: “give me some gum” Europe: “no” Russia: glares in nuclear proliferation


Russia is moving closer to total extinction, if they don’t tone down their threatening rhetoric. A nuclear attack on a NATO member is a certain guarantee that Russia will cease to exist, forever. And Russia know this, so why do they keep on puffing themselves up. We have seen what the Russian army is cape able off and from their actions in Ukraine it’s very clear to everyone that they are pretty fucking far from a match against NATO. You have lost this one Putin. Stop embarrassing yourself and save what dignity your people has left.