Short Documentary (2022) Revisiting The Case Where BodyCam Shows An Ohio Officer Belittling A Man After Assaulting Him, 5 Officers Named In Lawsuit, Chief Retires In Disgrace [00:13:04]

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Now, just think about how long this shit has been going on before body cams were a thing. Innocent people in jail because of some corrupt fucking cops.


“Why don’t people respect cops?”


I used to believe in the whole “respect all police and comply” camp. But after watching countless YouTube videos of constitutional violations by police, well, If every cop on earth fell into an active volcano, I’d watch with pleasure.




The police in this country are out of control. We have to re-imagine law enforcement and demilitarize the cops. We have to get rid of qualified immunity and make them carry their own insurance like doctors do. We also need to have civilian panels conducting investigations instead of internal affairs, cops cannot police themselves. We need a national list of cops that have been found to have used excessive force or broken laws so they can’t move to another county or state and continue with their careers. Additionally, police need to stop using citations as revenue streams. Giving citations or towing cars because their windows are tinted is just a way to make money and it NEEDS TO STOP. A lot of the time when someone gets hurt or killed it’s because of petty little misdemeanors to pull people over like an expired inspection or something else just as inconsequential. Also, we as citizens should stop calling police to bring guns to every situation just because we’re butthurt about something. Let’s make sure it’s an actual crime before we call them. One last thing, FTP.