Some Belarusians want to fight Russians in Ukraine. They also hope to free their country from Putin’s grip

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>Some Belarusians Belarusian here. 97% of Belarusians were against Lukashenko (Putin’s dog) in 2020. Not some. Most Belarusians.


Now’s the time. They’re messing up in Ukraine, split some of their forces to “intimidate” Sweden & Finland and they’re also worried about Japan. So, make your move soon.


Is it really some? I get the feeling it’s pretty much most of Belarus that wants to be free from Putin and his cretinous lapdog Lukashenko


This is a positive development. Hopefully the Russian Citizens will uprise too. They need to take Putin out of power any way possible.


The mustachio’d Belarusian volunteer is one of my favorite characters of the war