Study finds Women are under-represented in economics globally | They occupy fewer top positions at leading economics institutions than men, and are more likely to leave the profession early

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Women are also underrepresented as mechanics, plumbers, construction workers, roofers, etc. Where’s the study to find the barriers in those jobs?


Study finds: women are necessary for having babies and the survival of the human race. But having babies is extremely disruptive to high level careers.


According to one of the sources for the study, women make up 30-35% of graduates of economics over the past couple decades, and they are claiming women make up 32% of all economics positions. This tracks evenly, so how can a claim be made that women are under-represented in economics?


They say the best CEOs and financial wizards are sociopaths or even psychopaths… women are also under-represented in those diagnosed as such. I wonder if the statistics correlate similarly to being under-represented in economics.


What’s with the fetish of having perfect equal number of men/women in every job?!