Study on pasta noodles found that stick length, which can be measured by a ruler, is directly correlated to the pasta doneness. You can get al dente every time by measuring it with a ruler. But depending on how much salt is added to the boiling water, the time to reach al dente can be very different

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Feel like 12-30 mins is an insane amount of time to boil pasta (unless cooling time is factored in?), those cooking times seem to be focused on physical property changes more than human consumption


This is exactly the kind of hard-boiled science research I love to see. Creating analytical methods for measuring and predicting everyday phenomena.


I pull a noodle out from time to time and eat it.


It’s the first date. She looks over at me as I let her know dinner is almost done. I pull a single noodle from the boiling water — fighting to straighten it on the counter top. I hope she sees the struggle I am willing to go through to feed her. As I pull out a ruler, her look of confusion increases. “1/16th of an inch too long!”, I exclaim as I dump the pasta in the garbage and begin again. She grows quiet, most likely considering the level of OCD required for a person to measure a noodle…


i’m not using ruler or math when i’m cooking pasta, but i think i’ve found the perfect combination of pasta brand, amount of salt, and which pot i have to get al dente every time. all eye balled.