Suggestions on what vegetarian food to take on a 5-6hr bus commute?

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I think you’re overthinking this. It’s just six hours, or about the time between lunch and supper. Have a decent meal beforehand and you’ll be fine with bringing some nuts and seedless grapes (dispose of stem upon arrival or pick grapes off stem beforehand).


It’s 6 hours. Chop up some carrots.


What would you normally eat in that 6 hour window? Are you looking for a snack or does this fall where you need a meal? You’ve listed a lot of things you don’t eat, but not what you like / what normally satisfies. Sometimes it’s easier to tweak what you like to be convenient while traveling than to reinvent the wheel.


Crackers, crisps, apples. Carrots, salad..


For road trips I usually pack peanut butter sandwiches, nuts and seeds, dried fruit, some kind of treat, maybe some cut up veggies and a piece of fruit.