Teacher would rather be redeployed to Iraq than go back to the classroom

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“Last month, Bullock attempted to break up a fight between two students and was punched in the head multiple times. He continued working but the next day went to the hospital where they took a brain scan and determined that he had a neck strain and was recovering from a concussion.”” — people are really scratching their heads about why teachers keep quitting


My husband said this when he used to sub. He took a job at a middle school one day and when he came home his exact words were, “I’ll go back to the desert before I go back to a school”. Edit: I think this might be the most up votes I’ve ever gotten on a comment lol… color me surprised.


I’ve been a high school social studies teacher for 23 years. I can ride out the next 5-6 years until I retire. But, things are going to get very desperate soon. There are no where near enough new teachers coming in to the profession to be successful for the future. Lots of young teachers are saying fuck this, I’m out. I don’t blame them and the stupid amount of work they have to do in college to become a teacher is ridiculous as well. My school has a small core that has been here 20 plus years that helps maintain a nice continuity but once we are gone, my school will be hurting. I consider myself very fortunate, we have great principal that supports his teachers.


2009 Iraq was pretty chill. Good internet, big gyms, steak and shrimp on Fridays, 24/7 ice-cream and panini stations. My job is pretty good and I’d go back to 2009 Iraq. 2007 Iraq? Nah, fuck that noise.


US schools are a war zone and no one’s allowed to do anything about it or they get sued by shitty parents. It’s fucking ridiculous.