Texas Banned Homeless Encampments, So a Guy Made One on His Property

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This feels like the kind of thing that gofundme was made for. It would be nice to see them raise enough money to pay for an RV-style septic and power system. On another note, I love seeing this happen in Texas where “personal freedom”, “no government”, and “my land, my rules” are the mantras until someone nearby does something like this, then the neighbors all want the government to step in.


I hope Vice follows up in 6mos or a year to see how this mans generosity turns out.


Texas got rid of rape AND the homeless. They are so on top of things.


You cant be homeless. No we arnt going to “help” you, were going to arrest you and then release you. – cop logic


Good on him. Looking at the small number of people involved (19 according to the article) it’s also an illustration of why private charity, though admirable, is never going to be enough to solve this problem. And not everyone just has 10 acres of land reasonably close to an urban area with a major homelessness problem.