The morality of punishment without moral education/preparation

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This article’s point would be much better illustrated by not mentioning Will Smith or Chris Rock at all.


> The initial aggressor must be punished or admonished. Will Smith did not provide adequate time for Rock to be punished, and now that Rock is playing the role of a victim, he will not be punished. He will blithely walk away from an instance of verbal abuse against a woman with a medical condition and Smith will suffer ridicule. I think the author is conflating verbal abuse with physical abuse… Whatever victimization Will Smith and his wife suffered does not grant Will Smith any right to strike Rock. > This is, of course, a good man’s nightmare. It is a lose-lose situation that will not shield the guy from criticism or reproach either way. On the one hand, if the guy just sits there, he might be accused of cowardice. This will leave him open to further insults and attacks as some will perceive him to be too weak to defend himself or others he cares for. Who cares? Why should someone like Will Smith care that others apparently would call him a coward for not leaping to defend his Wife? > On the other hand, if he smacks the offender, he will be berated for acting in a violent manner while the other guy was “just talking”. Indeed. He was “just talking” and Will Smith raises the bar of misbehavior. Imagine going to a classy event where people’s achievements are praised, recognized and rewarded and you spoil it by making jokes at the expense of the successful; but worse yet someone ruins it even further by degrading it with violence. > There does not seem to be any socially worked out correct answer or response for this nightmare. There has never been a moral way out of this situation effectively articulated. What? So if Will Smith stayed silent that wouldn’t have been moral? It would have been *wrong*? There is no *right* move here?


This article is absurd, this is not some “cad” insulting someones wife, this is a standup comedian making a silly joke about a public figure, which is what stand up comedians do. No one would have called Will Smith a coward for doing nothing, no one would have cared or even remembered it. It is his manipulative wife who would have called him a coward. A good man would have been fine, a good man would have told his overly angry, publicly unfaithful, publicly disrespectful wife to get over it and laugh at her too, considering her own past history. “Chivalry” is a childish boys silly conception of morality. To think that a man has to start a fight over the slightest joke about his wife is an insecure boys idea of a man. This is what happens when a man mistakes feminism for a more extreme version of chivalry. If a woman can be a strong independent public figure just like a man, she will have to take a light hearted joke just like a man. Imagine the jokes levied at Borris Johnsons hair, or Jonny Depps Bald head, or Ben Shapiro’s height. Men are expected to take it, and if women are equal they must be expected to take it too. Chivalry was for a time when women were dependent on their men to protect them. Similar to the laws protecting agriculture, written for a time when agriculture was small farmers needing strong protections. Now that farms are own by large corporations, those laws have turned big agriculture into a nightmarish behemoth. Imagine if we could not criticize women politicians. Imagine if we could not mock a woman president. Imagine if we could not make jokes about Hillary Clinton. Feminism combined with chivalry would create some kind of gynocentric dictatorship. For this reason chivalry and feminism cannot co-exist. Will Smith wasn’t a good man in some kind of moral paradox, Will Smith was an insecure fool who is afraid if he didn’t do anything his disrespectful and unfaithful wife would become more disrespectful and unfaithful, so he seriously hit a man 4 inches shorter and 50 lbs lighter than him to show his wife he was a real man so she would respect him and be faithful. Jada Pinkett Smith not only initially supported the assault, laughing at Chris Rock, she prompted her husband to do it. But the assault backfired making the world even more aware of her infidelity and disrespectful behavior towards her husband. Rather than admit she probably should not have given her husband the “you better do something or I’m gonna cheat with August again look”, she threw her husband under the bus by publicly denouncing his actions, blaming him for essentially following her own orders, in a manner that clearly pleased her in the moment as she threw her head back laughing in delight at Chris Rocks assault, simply because things ultimately made her even more ridiculed. And now Will Smith is left with an angry wife mad at him anyway as if was all his idea. This is not a good mans paradox or “nightmare”, this is a sorry insecure man married to a narcissist’s nightmare.


So here’s a clever article that suggests boys are not given the ‘inner tools’ to resist provocation, but after they respond violently, they are punished.