The RNC Pulling Out of the Presidential Debates Is the Clearest Sign Yet That Trump Is Running | This turn of the tail shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, the Republicans had no platform in 2020, and they’ll have none in 2024.

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if the US doesn’t have a dictator in the next decade I will happily eat my hat when one of two political parties in the US only stands for “anything orange Julius caesar says” we are in serious trouble the stunning celebration of ignorance by the pro Putin party would be funny if the consequences were not so dire please vote in every election


And Trump can’t debate.


Not true. They have a platform of racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, violence, and hate.


Yes, hard to argue policy when you have none.


The year is 2032. Rich kids go to private school, the rest of them either work in a warehouse or go to church. Abortion providers rot in prison. The wealth disparity in cities and suburbs is dramatic. You either have walls around your house, live in a gated community or you live in a slum that lacks basic services. You work insane hours at a job to afford the basics. Somehow your life is even more mundane and boring than before, and you can’t quite piece together all the incremental steps it took to get to this point. Welcome to America.