The Spectacular Career of Nate Diaz (2022) A closer look at a kid who grew in a violent and poor environment to become one of the most entertaining UFC fighters of our generation [00:26:20]

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Should have used a thumbnail of him slapping someone or talking trash instead of him getting punched lol


I have a soft spot for Nate. I have quite a few family members in Stockton and I’m happy he was able to escape that shit hole.


I’ll always have a soft spot for Nate Dogg because in 2016 I bet the most money I’ve ever dropped on a single bet on him to beat McGregor and he gave Conor McGregor his first loss, the entire world thought Nate would lose, dude won me so much quiche I’ll never forget him lmao Of course when Dana White they went over to talk to him after the fight he said one of the most iconic dumb guy quotes ever, being like “eyyyy I’m not surprised, motherfuckers” lol


If they hire an actual human to narrate this I’ll be sure to come back & finish watching. Can’t do these robots anymore, just can’t listen to it.


The ole “get beat up until the other guy gets tired” trick.