TIL In 1965 the Hells Angels motorcycle gang refused to take part in an anti-Vietnam war rally in Oakland, CA and actually wrote to President Johnson offering to serve there as a “crack group of trained guerillas.”

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I wish TV and society wouldn’t glorify these animals. They aren’t cool or admirable in any way.


The president replied: “Thank you for the offer, but we already have a program developing cracked out warrior gorillas.”


The odd thing is that various counter-culture and left political groups tried several different times to bring biker gangs, particularly the Hells Angels in CA, into their fold. The thinking seemed to be that they were fellow anti-authority, cop-hating, drug-using, Rock-n-Roll long-hairs, so it was just a matter of spinning them a certain way to get them to serve as muscle for their movements. It pretty much always backfired on them.


Good thing President Johnson didn’t take them up on it, 4 years later not too far from Oakland at the Altamonte Speedway they stabbed a person to death while working security for the Rolling Stones.


‘trained’ is a fair bit of a stretch. best I can do is ‘willing’.