TIL: In 2003, there was a real Trolley car scenario in which authorities actively chose to endanger fewer people than doing nothing

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I’ve never understood the “do nothing” people somehow thinking that absolves you of something. It basically comes down to making a choice of whether saving fewer or more people is “better” and, yes, making the choice of “what to do.” Either way, you made the choice of who lived or died.


Sounds like they chose to endanger poor people…


“dispatchers ordered the shunting of the runaway cars to track 4, through an area with lower-density housing of mostly **lower-income residents**.”


It says in the article that it was “thought that” there was a passenger train full of people on track one. So… Was there?


I would just pull the lever so that the front an back axle will go on different lines and the Trolley will stop. No one dies. You’re welcome.