TIL the Cheetah Conservation Fund imports Turkish Kangal dogs to Namibia and Kenya to help protect livestock, which in turns decreases the killing of cheetah’s by farmers by reducing the amount of animals they lose to cheetahs.

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I had a kangal when I was young, I found him on the streets looking for food and took him in, he lived 13 years and was loyal as hell. Generally a nice dog but try to hurt me or my family that took care of him and he would rip you to shreds. A gentle but violent giant.


My neighbor raises Kangals here in Georgia to sale. So far by my count they have killed 3 neighbor’s dogs.


hmmmmmmmm … I wonder if wolf advocacy groups would buy Maremmas for the ranchers in eastern Oregon, who’ve been killing wolves because the wolves are killing their cattle. I like the way it hangs together for the cheetah situation.


Lived in Namibia my whole life and this statement is utter nonsense….


What a good boy