U.S. agrees to return $1.1 million to company busted for hauling legal weed money in Kansas

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the money is being returned because the company whose money was stolen sued state law enforcement officials: The lawsuit Empyreal has agreed to dismiss accused law enforcement officials in California and Kansas of acting in concert with the Drug Enforcement Administration to conduct “pretextual stops” of Empyreal’s vehicles and then turning the seized cash over to federal law enforcement for forfeiture proceedings under the federal equitable sharing program.


Note: the case was dropped – and money is being returned – because the traffic stop was “pretextual” – basically using any excuse to pull a person over and search their vehicle. Weed is still illegal in the US. That absolutely should be changed so we stop wasting time and energy on these things.


Civil Forfeiture laws need to be abolished. It’s robbery of citizens by the police. Ban the practice.


The $1.1 million was seized in San Bernadino, California. The $166k was seized in Kansas. These “pretextual stops” occur because state agencies get to split the $$ taken with the feds. Nice to see these businesses taking a stand against this practice and fighting it. Although would be great to see someone on the hook for the legal fees it took to make it happen.


Just another Republican trying to stop a legal service because they are afraid of weed.