Ukraine in talks to buy US reaper/predator drones

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In Poland there are rumors that some of our MIGs have already gone East, Putin be damned.


*”But comparing the TB-2 to an MQ-9 is like comparing a Humvee to a passenger sedan. The MQ-9 has a wingspan of 66 feet compared to 39 feet for the TB-2. The MQ-9 weighs in at about 11,000 pounds fully loaded with fuel and weapons, compared to 1,400 pounds for the TB-2. The Reaper is twice as fast, with a speed of about 300 miles per hour versus about 135 miles per hour for the TB-2.”* *”Perhaps most significant is the MQ-9’s vastly superior range: up to 1,200 miles for the base model and 1,600 miles for the ER (extended range) version, compared to just 93 miles for the TB-2. The Turkish drone would have to operate fairly close to the front lines in eastern and southern Ukraine, rendering it more vulnerable to Russian air and missile strikes on airfields. But the MQ-9 has the range to operate from safer bases in eastern Ukraine: given that the distance from the eastern Ukrainian city of Lviv to Kiev in the west is 291 miles – and Lviv to the southern port of Odessa is 800 miles – the extra reach of the Reaper could be crucial to preserving Ukraine’s drone fleet from Russian retaliation. Indeed, the MQ-9 would have the range to strike deep into Russia, and as far as Moscow.”*


Lend-lease that shit, man!


Considering all the grief that the Bayraktar is doing to Russia, a Reaper or Predator should really give the Russians some hell. Sell it to them for $1.


We’re letting Ukraine have some of our drones that have been retired and soon to be destroyed because they’ve been replaced with better drones. Putin is about to get his poop pushed in by some stuff we had laying around like that dusty X-Box360 sitting in the back of the closet. And he keeps rattling that saber acting like he wants a big war with the US. lol