‘We’re Suing,’ Says ACLU as Kentucky GOP Enacts Draconian Abortion Ban

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You can’t ban abortions, you can only ban safe abortions.


It’s time to start using the right label for this behavior. Do not fear the words ” radical extremist christrain policy”


I wonder how many rights need to be taken away from ALL citizens before the ones thinking it won’t apply to *them* will wake up and realize, “Oh, yes it does!”


Divisiveness is rising as some states have codified access to Planned Parenthood and abortion access to counter the draconian laws in GOP states. The most recent is Colorado. The GOP is attempting to shatter the union with these backward policies that include education, voting rights and free speech among them.


With the ever increasing denial of civil rights the republicans have been working to destroy, I give monthly just a little bit to the ACLU. Their work is immensely important now. Just sayin to give others something to think about doing as well.